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Hey I submitted my prank several hours ago, anyone know how long the processing time is?

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yeah, we will try to make it visible within 24 hours.  that is assuming there is nothing horribly obscene and against the rules.

Hey Stephen, I submitted a couple of pranks since my first one. The last one submitted is the only one that has been published. The one that wasn't published was "snakes in a hotel" which I think is a much better idea than the one posted.

I see it on the Corkboard now. 

is their a limit to the amount of ideas we can submit?

There is no limit, sir.  Just make them good!

yes thank you, like right after I posted it on here it showed up, but it took a while.

All of my submissions go to "rough draft".  When I go to submit article it says "the article is empty".  Can't get anything to submit w/o an error.


Let me connect you with someone to help troubleshoot this. We will have someone message your account today.

Thanks for your patience,


Still can't submit from "rough draft".  Seems really it a browser issue? Keeps saying I'm trying to submit an empty article.

can you tell me what your browser is?  you can email to me at  we will try to fix the issue.

I've tried Safari, Firefox and IE 8. No luck.

I've tried Safari, Firefox and IE 8. No luck.

Scott.  email me at  i suspect it is not a browser issue but a membership sign-in issue.

hopefully my others will show up soon, the tiger one is my fave!

I accidentally submitted the same prank twice because I could not find the first revision. What do I do?

will it automatically pop on the corboard once i sent it in? because i gotta really good idea and want people t see it

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