Forum Thread: thought comp deadline was 28th, i suck but check this

but here's what i meant to submit anyways..  . .. all you guys here can critique it i suppose.. man this sucks hahaaaa..

THE ULTIMATE "JACKASS-A-THON", To prove who, amungst those competing, the ultimate jackass is..,.,..

For as many jackass crew members who would like to compete (competing at the same time) Clothing- as limited as possible, ex. (banana hammock, jock strap, bakini, undies, short shorts blah blah blah..) but must be barefoot!

Roulette wheel descides each persons handicap (lets spice things up a bit.. haha) ..if crybaby sally MUST back out, trade handicap for another of equal or greater value* (spin wheel once more)

-Blindfold (too much??), Roller Skates, Constantly getting shot at by paintball guns, tared and feathered, dog bark collar

Must collect a flag after each stunt..

{Spin each competetor till disoriented before sending off to first obsticle}

"The Tray Slide"

graciously lubed/high, slip n slide-  slide with food tray(mcdonalds etc) to go extremely fast.. bowling pins set up at bottom .. just for fun. slide down into a pit of those soft cube thingys ha(forgot what they're called) for safety.  Climb out of the pit, then advance..  1. Capture flag before sliding down(freebie flag)

"The Egg Walk Surprise"

Criss crossed animal shock fence/egg walk- set up shock fence accordingly (hilarious if players dont know about it) and loads of eggs as flooring to throw off competetors.. 1. Hit by paintballs while racing on this obsticle only.  2. Capture flag

"The Chocolate Dunker"

dunking booth filled with poo.. something nasty to screw up the groove, (with self dunking trigger)(goggles provided).. 1. Capture flag(easily removable! but securely located on the center floor of the dunking "pool" for easier access beneath the rubbish)  2. Climb out, advance..

[Before moving on to next obsticle-->]  **Cut to contestants blindfolded and playing pin the tain on the donkey, bumping into eachother, excuse me, pardon me.. and "accidentaly" poking someone in the ass (a funny, instant, slow change of pace in the middle of all the chaos)**  Then quickly switch over to contestants running for next obsticle :o


Milk CHugging Contest (which usually leads to throwing up) whoever can finish the gallon first, w or w/o throwing up, grab the last flag, run to the finish line, **a trip line is hidden about ten feet away from the finish line hahaa** whoever makes it first, with all or the most flags from each obsticle, WINS!!!   a surprise from yours truly*

just a little somethin i put together.. submitted to late for the competition.. i will never let myself live this down.. aaaaahhhh!! :(

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12 Responses

i beg to differ, i had many more ideas, but screwed up on the timing.

chance of MY lifetime and i f**ked it up :(

Not bad!  I like the combo stunts/pranks.  Would have been a good entry for the contest for sure.

I actually turned one in with a similar idea.  Two guys get in an elevator on the first floor of a building.  The elevator itself has been modified (you could simply do it with plywood) so there is no hiding inside, next to the open door.  You would be exposed the minute the door opened with no way to hide.

It's a ten-story building, and after getting on the elevator on the ground floor.  All of the buttons (for each floor) are pushed, and so the elevator leaves the ground floor, with the elevator doors opening on each higher floor.

As the elevator doors open at each higher floor, there is a nasty surprise waiting for the two occupants of the elevator.  Members of the rest of the gang are stationed at each floor to help with the following:

Floor 2: 'Antiquing' – flour is thrown on the subjects.

Floor 3: Red paint is thrown on the subjects

Floor 4: 'Tar and Feather'  -- tar and feathers are thrown on the subjects.

Floor 5: Armed mousetraps are thrown into the elevator.

Floor 6: A wood chopper loaded with food and manure is aimed at the elevator

Floor 7:  Bees are pushed into the elevator from a large netted sack.

Floor 8: Paintball guns pepper the subjects in the elevator

Floor 9: Mace is sprayed into the elevator

Floor 10: Tazers are shot at the subjects

...I had also turned in a prank that improves on the milk-chugging contest:  eggnog beer bong contest.   My pals and I tried it out.  It ended just like you'd think it would.

man that sounds awesome, hahaaa yea its physically impossible for a human being to intake that much milk or any liquid at that, so it becomes rather inevitable to throw up haha. well i wish the best of luck to you in the contest!


Im too late as well how about connecting an electric fence to the shiter.  Maybe at the after party or something.  That would be a surprise i bet

or maybe in a urinal might be able to disguise the wire in the cake.

man i had like so many good ideas.. the winning entry wasn't even  a prank, and a boring, seen before.."stunt".. I read waaayy better entries, which sadly makes me have to ask this question.. is the crew getting too old??   BITE MY TOUNGE!

its a good idea, madd props, (o O) sucks didnt get a chance to post it up! (O o)

man im in the same boat hahaaa sucks, btw im in love with your meatwad beenie cassandra!!

thxx! : p i love my meatwad! he keeps my head warm and eats my brains! : p

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