Forum Thread: where are all these fans of jackass from???

just wondering.. i didnt think the Jackass crew would do it again? i didnt know they all still had it in them, lol.  i thought they had enough injuries they could cope with.

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Oh come on. There's a reason they call the show jackass. lol

reppin California here actually only a couple hours away from Hollywood 

I'm over in Jacksonville Florida. I was trying to pitch my ideas for the third movie earlier in the year. I figured I was perfect since i'm young, uninjured, and insured. lol.

I'm over in the South Bay, only about 15 miles from Hollywood.

Been making my own prank vids for 12 years now.  Lots of blood, sweat, tears, beers, and asshattery.  Fun as all hell!

lol 12 years? what do you make your own videos for?

Just make 'em to entertain myself and my pals.  I've got some up on Youtube.

I'm from this little lame place known as Orlando lol

Orland? Florida? Never heard of it. lol

But at least you guys get tourist season. Happy hunting. lol

Hahaa!!! London all the way baby!!! But i know people all over the world that love jackass :P

From Romania   love jackass <3

f-ing great ....jackass 3d it`s so amazing...:)
and the prank contest such a good idea...:))  uhm...i forgot to say i am from romania..hope it`ll be alot of fun at your prank contest \m/

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