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man i had like soo many good ideas.. the winning entry wasn't even a prank, it was an interesting but seen before "stunt"..  i read waayy better entries which sadly forces me to ask this question..  is the crew getting too old?   BITE MY TOUNGE!!  i mean i know they all just did this AMAZING "movie" but honestly i think they could of judged better is all..  PLUS im a sore loser remember..

but nonetheless the winner won fair and square..  all i can say to him is HAVE FUN YOU LUCKY BAS**RD!


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yeah you are being  pretty bad loser!

but i agree the winning thing is crap, not original.

i doubt they picked it though? i mean look at the 3d previews it looks ace and right on jackass form- human duck hunting etc.

they are getting older though, thats the way it goes, knoxville has a new baby etc. as much as i hate to say it, its probs best if this is the end sadly

its not even a prank its a skit

well technically i didnt lose on account of i never got a chance to submit my entry.. hahaaaa  im just a devoted, die hard fan! and i realize that this was a once in my lifetime opportunity that i bombed :((.  and yea i doubt they picked it themselves as well. i honestly think that if they were to actually sit and go through all these amazing ideas that everyone put the time and effort to think over and create themselves.. they would of picked something more original and hardcore. 

and yea yea yea knoxville does have a new baby(jealousy!) but he has an older daughter too so i dont think anything would of stopped him, i mean hey, whatever pays the bills right?! hahaaa.. man..  i hope it doesnt have to end anytime soon, though the timing and these guys are older  NOW as it is.. the chances of a Jackass4 is..

pretty damn slim.. ..

{excuse me, i gotta lock myself in the closet for a few days}

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