News: physically and mentally horrable

physically and mentally horrable

physically and mentally horrable

the entire jackass crew is going on a vacation.  they all have money in cash to go to that vacation.  somebody is missing money and needs more.  the person asks Bam to go to the bank.  they are waiting in line.  the workers at the bank and the security officer knows what is about to happen next.  after a few minutes of Bam and his freind waiting, "robbers" enter the bank with masks and "guns".  they go to the clerk and ask for money.  the clerk says it's all electronic and the cops are on the way.  they see that Bam (a celebrity) is there.  they beat him up with the butts of the guns and put blindfolds on him and put him hostage in his Lamborghini.  they take his keys and kidnap him.  they go to the "hide out" which is a farm.  when they arrive they drag Bam threw a set up disgusting pig sty that is filled with mud, and decaying fishguts, poop, and other nasty ingredients.  Bam is tied up to a chair at the house.  he is still blindfolded.  he is left there for a few hours.  the "lead robber" gives bam an opportunity to escape if he can get cash money.  he calls the jackass crew and they "cooperate".  they all know what is really going on and they go to the farm.  the money trade off goes wrong and Bam is beat up again.  he is still blindfolded.  he smells disgusting, feels awful, has no idea where he is, and he is freaked out.  he is mentally, and physically feeling terrable.  after a while, he asks to go to the bathroom.  the bathroom has been rigged so the piping from the toilette is redirected to the ceiling.  he is given permission to have his mask removed.  when he flushes, his waste falls all over him.  the door opens and everyone including the jackass crew is there laughing at him and he realizes it was all a prank

btw, i am wesam nadim, my nickname is sam nadim.  i entered this with another email but i coudn't get the verification thing so i made up a new one hopefully in time. 

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