How To: How did that just happen!!!?

How did that just happen!!!?

How did that just happen!!!?

What the

I have recently been thinking about how fun it would be to go around town with a somewhat high powered laser pointer (300MW or so) to pull pranks on people and watch their reaction to the fun pranks you can do with a laser pointer. For example: Popping water balloons from a distance on a public sidewalk, putting a small random firework (sparkling kinds though, for no accidental injuries) on a public place and lighting it while hiding behind something, maybe setting a newspaper on a table on fire that will attract peoples attention.
Basically just seeing peoples reactions to the spontanious combustions around them. sound fun?
NOTICE: I do not own the youtube video in the link, just an example of one of the prank ideas from above.

We could place water balloons on sidewalk and scare people with them popping at random.


  • No physical human contact, especially not the eye

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