How To: Execute the Human Fly Swat

Execute the Human Fly Swat

Step 1 The Costume

HowTo Execute the Human Fly Swat

All you gotta do is dress up like a fly, go to a zip line place (i know they got'em in California).

Step 2 The Zip Line

HowTo Execute the Human Fly Swat

Set up stations with guys holding huge fly swatters so that the whole time the guy dressed like a fly is going down the zip line, he is getting popped by big ass fly swatters. 

HowTo Execute the Human Fly Swat

That idea was going big. to scale it down you could just have the guy dressed as the fly run a straight line. have people waiting along the way holding big ass fly swatters, so when ever the fly runs by he gets wacked by a super huge swatter.

yall are the pros so deciding how many swatters you get or how big the swatters need to be can be left to yall.

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