News: 12 Dayz Of Christmas !!

12 Dayz Of Christmas !!

12 Dayz Of Christmas !!

First Off I Uploaded That Pic, cuz I Rock That Hat Better Then Knoxville Himself ! :D                Anyway ....

Alright, So maybe not the most "Gnarly" prank ever, but I think it would be f-ing sweet !!

So for a Christmas Themed prank, Do 12 dayz of Christmas ! It would be awesome to F*ck with each one of the cast members on each of 12 days, 1 being not as Gnarly and 10 being the worst day on set, But as each day goes up.. the pranks get worse and worse, which would be the fun part to pick which cast member gets it the worst. Personally, being Knoxville is the oldest and the main star of Jackass, He should rightfully get it the worst ever !! And for that day.. Everyone gets to Eff with em all day long .. Untill its your turn, then your screwed .....

Some Ideas of which would be : Public Humiliation.. Kinda like the "Gay" Billboard. Just stuff like that ...

One idea that would be entertaining for everyone, but the person its happening too would be, Getting someone, or some people.. to break into on of the cast members houses and F*ck with em for a little bit :P

Also the pranks would kinda have to be random, and not planned out, like suprize the person, and not let em know its there turn untill  it happens, It will have everyone watching there back !! :D

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this is brilliant! I'd say put detail into it with the twelve days as on what pranks, but then that would ruin the element of suprise and paranoia

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