News: 200 Foot Belly Flop

200 Foot Belly Flop

200 Foot Belly Flop

Picture this ... a 200ft diving board with Preston Lacy standing on top. Looking into the water below.... looking quite shallow now. Preston leaps off, flying through the air, stretching out as he approaches the water.... BM. BELLY FLOP. as he emerges from the water he sports the reddest belly anyone as ever seen in their lives. Steve-O goes next comparing the red belly results.

The largest diving board in the world is 881ft.. But that would kill a man, so 200 will do.

I have to admit, you boys need a girl in the jackass team.


  • Only to be preformed by professionals.
  • No 'wossys'

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too bad a 200 belly flop would kill someone

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