News: 5 Finger Buffett

5 Finger Buffett

5 Finger Buffett

Alright, this one is for Preston. Go to a ghettofab grocery store and ride one of those fat carts around in a bathrobe slightly ajar. You must wear really thick bi-focals so nobody will notice you and have a fake beard complete with flip-flops. As you walk through the store just start picking up random-ass food taking bites out of whatever you choose, and put it back on the shelf. Go around the store doing this ignoring anyone who tries to stop you. Go to the chip aisle, grab some ice cream, guzzle some chocolate milk from right off the shelf. Get angry and punch meat in the meat department, go to produce and eat peaches right off the stand. Have spoons and forks stashed on the inside folds of your robe like stolen jewelry ,for easy access. Try not to laugh your ass off as your friends laugh with you as the store manager calls The Man.

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