News: Abnormal Behavior

Abnormal Behavior

Abnormal Behavior

Ok, so all you need is some paintball guns, some marshmallows, some fishing line and someone that is an unnaturally heavy sleeper. Since you guys got money, attach the paintball guns to individual stands aimed at the targets crotch or stomach. You take the fishing line, loop one end and that end gets attached to fingers,toes, wrists, ankles..etc. The other end of the string is attached to the gun(s) trigger via a simple pulley setup. The guns should not be able to be knocked over or moved off their target. Its probably best to load the guns with marshmallows before hand...maybe even melt them a little bit so its more messy.

The idea is that when the target tosses and turns...he will pull on one of the lines attached to the trigger of a particular gun. Once the first shot hits, the target will then be shocked and probably move the rest of his limbs, ultimately being hit by the rest of the mallows. If you want to have chocolate syrup and graham crackers to throw on him afterward, Ill allow it.

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