News: accupuncture or needle darts

accupuncture or needle darts

accupuncture or needle darts

As a young boy, my mom would leave her sewing needle, with a length of thread, sticking in the arm of our couch while she did other mom things. I found it to be very fun to sling it by holding the thread, at my siblings or dad, to get it to stick in their skin. We always coverd our eyes since that was the only vital spot we didnt want to hit. I cant begin to tell you how hilarious it was. We laughed our ass's off the way you guys do. I have wanted to see you guys do this prank since you first started jackass. You just gotta see how funny it is when the needle sticks and stands at attention until pulled out. It only leaves a dot of blood and never hurts a bit. Once I got my dad in the ear and still to this day get a laugh from that moment. The more skin exposed, the more funny it is. I tried to get friends to play this thruout my life but no one is brave enough.  Are you guys??? The thread should be no longer than 15 - 18 inches long ( you pick what length you like, any length will work). Grasp the thread by the end, leaving the needle to hang. Swing it as hard as you can toward your target, or favorite Jackass, and let it fly. I can hit a target from ten or more feet away. Can you? Its been a pleasure to share this with you guys and I hope its good enough that you pick me. I would love for the world to see this. Only you guys can pull it off. This will definitely make some good footage.

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