News: All Natural Foot Bath

All Natural Foot Bath

All Natural Foot Bath

Step 1

Find a great location, set up area with an attractive advertisement sign charging $5 for the foot bath, a recliner, foot tubs filled with poo & labeled with scented poo names and tubes of water. Each tub will have a recliner or 1 recliner then let person choose the foot bath they want. Have a table prepared with towels, and lets not 4get the foot bathers. 

1. Strawberri Slushee

2. Coconut Dakari

3. Dark Choco Lattae

4. Leemon Pie

Step 2

Explain procedure prior to touching client, pleaz, and be sure 2 be as clear and understandable as possible. Receive payment then start procedure.

Step 3

 After procedure is done wash feet with special prepared water and alcohol mix and towel dry. Thank the client.


  • I suggest only trying this with friends that won' t kill you for trying this prank on them hah, hah. Thanx.

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