News: Baby Carriage's Wild Ride!

Baby Carriage's Wild Ride!

Baby Carriage's Wild Ride!

Wee-man is in a baby carriage. (Carriage is on a huge hillside going down hill, busy sidewalk)
"Daddy" (Jack-Ass character in disguise) asks for directions from someone.
With a gentle push the carriage is rolling down hillside.
This scene is also filmed from the perspective of Wee-Man looking out for first person perspective adding to the 3-D effect!

(added fun carriage has controls to actually speed up/slow down & turn.

Watching people chase it down is the prank, the jackass part is this is just crazy/dangerous enough already for let's say someone to cut the breaks?

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I like the ones that take the viewer on a ride. This would be a wild ride!

This is made for Wee-man. I like this because it's really a prank and a stunt rolled in one.
Doing this in 1 day is easy and cost affective as well. Fly Todd Brunner out because this is a winner!

Imagine if this had carriage had a motor inside and it could really be drivable?
That would be a terrific prank, you can even have babies dirty diapers & bottles of milk falling out.

Love Wee-Man and doing this would be a lot of fun to see the expressions on peoples faces.
Especially if they carriage maybe becomes remote controlled and Wee-Man gets really scared

An awesome yet simple idea that I would love to see!

Great let's do this Wee-Man your fans want it!

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