News: The best messed up prank segment

The best messed up prank segment

The best messed up prank segment

Step 1 Apply ants to inside of straight jacket

Step 2 Convince someone that they can get out of a straight jacket

(Use a magician to show them how to get out)

Step 3 Bet a large sum of money that they can't do it blind folded

Step 4 Insert person into ant-filled straight jacket

Step 5 Load paintball guns

(as many people on set as possible should have one)


Step 7 Offer sweet salvation (take off straight jacket)

Step 8 Use firehose to get person onto slingshot

Step 9 FIRE SLINGSHOT! (water filled with leeches or something)

Step 10 Apply Icy-Hot and superglue to anus/ penis area of manthong

(a shiny one so they don't notice the icy-hot and super glue)

Step 11 Offer it to them so they can dry off and do an "on camera interview"

Step 12 Laugh as they try to get it off

Step 13 Rip thong out like a band-aid

(explain that this is the only way to get it out)

Step 14 Improv whatever you can add!

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