News: The best prank of all time.

The best prank of all time.

The best prank of all time.

The best prank of all time... brace your selves, because this one is epic and deserves an Emmy award.

So, Listen... Make a party with lot's of people, including your target. Make a special sort of food (which only the target would eat), which includes a strong laxative medicine. Before that, butter the floor to the bathroom, so that it is hell of a slippery hehe... 

After your target has eaten the laxative food or something, he will feel funny and will go to the bathroom to take a dump fountain....

But have no worries ! The buttered floor will make him slip, and he/she will fall on the floor and he/she wont be able to hold he's/she's luggage... he/she will shit him self.


Don't forget to add cameras at the entrance of the bathroom or something.... and add cameras at guest room..


Your nr:1 Jackass fan, G.T. 


I love you guys, 

You do hell of a good job and you always make me laugh... 

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