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boom boom bong

boom boom bong

Ok this is pretty simple i have done this to a friend already a long time ago like back in 99 

i was hanging out smoking some weed in a homemade device my friend had come to stay for the weekend and he didn't get any weed yet so i said ok let me go pack a bowl for ya i had about 3 lady finger firecrackers i pushed the wicks up thru the holes in the tin foil and packed the weed accordingly 

brought it back outside to him said here you can get first hit  watch out man this shits pretty explosive and he lit it it took a sec some sparks started to fly and i could tell from the look on his face he was confused then boom boom boom weed every where bong blown apart (not glass one it was plastic) and him just standing there with a look of not knowing what the fuck just happened then he was pissed after i told him i thinks its a awesome prank one of the best ones i have done just weed everywhere all over him all over me fuckin priceless

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