News: Born and Bread Prankster!

Born and Bread Prankster!

The prank I'm going to describe to you In my opinion is fairly original and I've chosen this one because I was 8 when i did it and its always remained a classic. 

I was in my classroom being a little shit like usual, Teacher went out and left us all on our own (stupidly). I was so friggin bored of the crappy Math work we where doing, so i looked at my pencil I was writing with and all of a sudden was inspired to sharpen both sides of it and put it on teachers chair, which at the time was soft so i could stab my pencil into it and wait for her to get back and sit on it... What inspired me was being bored and the second it being fun, funny and gave me a little rush, the idea to be honest just came from within like everything else I did and still do.

Yours faithfully, John.

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