News: Bouncy ball race

Bouncy ball race

Bouncy ball race

Step 1

Close down a street (preferably one with a steep hill.)

Step 2

Park a truck, filled to the brim with bouncy balls, on top of that hill.

Step 3

Get the guys in front of the truck and let them choose any mode of transportation, each a different one. (e.g: skateboard, shopping cart, bike, bunny suit, ...)

Step 4

Tilt the truck and start the race (whoever arrives first at the bottom of the hill wins)

(sorry there is no poo in this one, but it will be sweet in 3D, trust me!)

reference -> sony bravia commercial on youtube.

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I have entered this, but want YOU to win because this is AMAZINGGGG!

David Letterman did a 1 million ball bounce in May and a 10k ball bounce about three years ago. but it would still look cool. good luck

but isnt the idea a prank? i not been nasty but this isnt a prank really.

Yeah, my first idea was the pooping bird, which is a prank, but after a day or two on this site I saw that most of the top ideas weren't actually pranks (more stunts), so I figured I could propose this as well...

Thank you for the comment!

Look up the #$%@ Snowcone for the win!

good luck mathias, this is friggen sweet,
mine has to do with poo.... =/ haha
the #$%@tapalooza... check it out =P

$.h.i.t is the first word =P

Thank you Jon, I will look yours up and grant it my thumb up. =P

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