News: The Brown Popsicle

The Brown Popsicle

The Brown Popsicle

This is a kind of ode to the yellow snowcone. First you need a popsicle, take the wrapper off and the stick and what not. It also could be funnier if the person who's eating the poo popsicle eats the real one, kind of like a before and after shot. Then you need someone to take a poo (its not very hard cause you guys get paid to do it). Pick the poo up, put it on the stick and put the wrapper on it and try to mold it into looking like a real popsicle. Then put it in the frezzer and leave it there for a couple of minutes. Now you can either do it as a prank and make one of them eat it or it can be like the yellow snowcone and make whoever made it eat it. well there you go, that's The Brown Popsicle skit.

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