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Bucket Race

Bucket Race

Steve-O and Dave England (or whoever you want, I just chose them 'cause I think they have a predisposition to vomiting) are blindfolded and they are sitting in front of a table with 22 cups on it, 11 for each person, and the cups contain (every number marks a different cup): 1) vinegar + lemon 2) vinegar + milk   3) vodka + milk   4) tomato sauce + milk  5) oil + milk   6) coffee + salt   7) melted cheese + vinegar 8) Oil   9) mayonnaise + coffee   10) coke + milk  11) lemon + milk .  All the ingredients in the cups must be stirred. The guys just start off drinking (every cup must be emptied) and, when they need to, they puke in a bucket (Dave's got his own, Steve-O's got his own). When both the guys have drunk all the cups (and filled their own bucket as much as they could) the race stops. The winner is who fills more his own bucket.

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