News: Dead Body Cab

Dead Body Cab

Dead Body Cab

Ok this is what you would do: get a big black bag, one big enough to fit a body in, and fill it with rotting meat and fake blood. Hail a cab and bring the bag into the back of the cab with you, you of course would have blood on your clothes to make it look more realistic. Tell the cab driver to take you to like a lake or construction site and offer to pay him 500$ to do it. If they take you then get out and struggle to get the bag out of the cab and tell the driver to help you get it out of the car, if they do that have them help dump it in the water maybe have concrete blocks at the dump site and tie them to the bag. It would also be funny if you could get a cop or someone to come and "arrest" you and the cabby. Then you would blame everything on them. Or you could do the same thing to a cast member, have the bag in a cab scheduled to pick them up, have the cabby force them to help dump the "body" then have fake cops come to the site and arrest the cast member and cabby. Kind of like the terrorist scene from the last movie.

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