News: Dickogram version 2

Dickogram version 2

Dickogram version 2

Dickogram version 2

Step 1

1. Construct a Giant Dick Float over a car or van or motorcycle, that resembles a GIANT Dick, with a MegaPhone! (Mega phones make everything better!!!!)  

Step 2

2. Scope out a Business, Office Professional, Blue Collar,  Mcdonalds, Warehouse, whatever........ wherever you can find a real prick, asshole or just pathetic person that deserves humiliation. 

Step 3

3. Find out the Employees names............... and  or the bosses names...................... 

Step 4

4. Pick out a vulnerable prickwad  either EE or more than one.................. Preferrably  The Boss or Bosses. 

Step 5

5.  Call Ahead of Time and tell the person receiving calls that , That Special Someone, who's name you have picked out has won a Contest,  and that you are with the company that will be presenting the prize, but that you must come in secret and that they must notify you when is the perfect time to surprise them, Find out  all of the their names.. Tell them that you will have to have the whole office or company come outside for  you to present that person with some outlandish prize like a million dollars or something to be awarded to that person.   Tell them that you will Dress up as a Telegram messenger or something along those lines..................

Step 6

 6. Go to said Business....... Ask for the Boss or Employee, tell him it is a special telegram, well thoughtout, very personal and expensive, that it is so precious and meaningful,  and that  he along with all of the available Office personnel  or coworkers must come out  side right away!!!!!!!!!! As everyone will already be going along with, thanks to your brilliant fucking planning. 

Step 7

7. Wait until they all come outside!!!!!! 

Step 8

8. Pull up around the corner in a Giant Dick, jump out of the Float wearing a Giant Dick Costume with a Megaphone and it all goes awry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Step 9

9. Start yelling Hey (Blank - Their Name) and say this is a Singing Dickogram from your coworkers or employees (Say their names) or Bosses and Say  " All of these people just wanted to let you know you are the Worlds  Biggest Dick!!!!! "  " Nice Fucking Job Asshole" and award the (Son of a bitch) with a Giant Dick Trophy!!!!!  

Step 10

10. Speed Off!!!!!!!!!!

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