News: Donkey Kong for Real!

Donkey Kong for Real!

Donkey Kong for Real!

Make announcement to people there's a Donkey Kong Competition!

People arrive and see a real life set looking like the classic arcade game. (see photo)
Preston Lacy is dressed as ape throwing barrels as Wee-man is the Mario character.

Damsel in distress is Chris Pontius.
With 3-D affect barrels looks awesome coming off screen.

The remaining Jackass team would be set on fire trying to get Mario!

A few can even be in some of the barrels for added fun and abuse.
Add in huge hammer, let the 3-D wild adventure begin.

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Not only has this donkey kong thing been done but a dude can only be on fire for like 5 seconds before putting him out with experts doing it and universal and nitendo are going to sue everyone sorry

This has been done on the show Blastazoid by Brandon DiCamillo, Rake Yohn and Joe Frantz. It still would be interesting though to see it in 3D.

Dave and Ehren could be inside the other barrels. Blastazoid never had people on fire!

That's awesome!!!! Bring that to life in 3-D and this movie will win an oscar!

Blastazoid did do it but it was lame and nobody was on fire or in barrels.
Step up Jackass get this produced & make movie history

Love to see this, by comparison the rest are lame next to this one.
This would be like a wild roller coaster ride with barrels of jackass crew flying off the screen! Step up Jackass and do this!!!!

Funny stuff that's quite a set-up. Setting the cast on fire is stepping it up.
The crew is nuts but are they that KrAzY?

Still I agree this must be done in 3-D

It's Hollywood! Step it UP Jackass! This can be done and would make history

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