News: "Don't Be A Quitter"

"Don't Be A Quitter"

"Don't Be A Quitter"

Take a pack of someone's cigarettes, and carefully remove partial contents from a few of them.  In one, pull out some of the tobacco with tweezers, insert a "Pop-It" (make sure it is closer to the end without the filter) and reinsert the tobacco with tweezers.  I can't guarantee this method won't blow someone's face off, so try it on a dummy first.  In the second cigarette, grind up a little sun-dried dog turd, and sprinkle it in before replacing the tobacco.  In a third, put in a little wad of a few human hairs (these really stink when they burn).   Make sure to pack the cigarette pack on your knee or a table, to get all of the tobacco back tightly in place.

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