News: Doo-Doo-Doom Room

Doo-Doo-Doom Room

Doo-Doo-Doom Room

This is more of an endurance challenge than a prank.  Everyone will be locked in a room and provided with water (possibly a room with a clear acrylic wall like a racket ball court and an air lock).  The temperature will be kept at a balmy 85-100 degrees.  Other than participants and their water supply, the only other thing in the room will be one of those geriatric potty chairs, the kind with the bucket underneath that has to be emptied and a large drum to empty it in.  Everyone has three days to prepare, three days of not bathing, eating only asparagus, cabbage, chili, beans, cat food, whatever.  To speed up the process, every hour something is added to the room: stink bombs,  garlic cloves, onions, old cheese, Limburger cheese,  full kitty litter box, doe scent, skunk juice, etc.  The last man that can stand the stink wins and can choose the punishment for all the loser.

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