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  • Make sure this restaurant has only ONE drive-thru window and not two; there is going to be a surprise at the end
  • Also confirm beforehand that the restaurant staff is mostly American; You want there to be people who are familiar with Jackass, let alone MTV

Step 1 Pull up to a local fast food restaurant.

(Self explanatory)

Step 2 Go into their drive-thru line

(Self explanatory)

Step 3 Place (unusual) order

Once at the drive-thru intercom, ask for something that's only served at ANOTHER fast food restaurant. Examples include ordering a Big Mac at a Wendy's, or a Whopper at a McDonald's, or a Baconator at a Burger King... You name it!

Step 4 Be persistent

Even though you'll be informed that said meal is not served there and that you have to order something else, ask for something from a DIFFERENT fast food restaurant (but still not from the one at which you're ordering).

Step 5 Blankly ask for "whatever"

After about 1-2 minutes, say "Okay, just surprise me." If you are suggested a certain meal, reply, "Yeah okay, whatever."

Step 6 Reveal what's going on

After pulling up to the drive-thru window, tell whoever comes up, "Hi! I'm Johnny Knoxville, welcome to Jackass!" similar to that of a TV prank show.

Step 7 The happy ending

The staff will likely be shocked and excited that the Jackass cast has come to their restaurant.

Give them a piece of autographed Jackass memorabilia (eg. Johnny's helmet from Big Red Rocket) and take a picture with the staff to make up for the confusion.

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