News: Drunk Mans Tomb of rock and roll

Drunk Mans Tomb of rock and roll

Drunk Mans Tomb of rock and roll

Take one drunk person passed out with shoes on

Add a couch

Add drunk man to couch

Add another couch on top of drunk man upside down

Add duck tape , plastic wrap, moving straps. ect ( what ever to hold the two couches with the drunk trapped inside shut)

Add stake boards to all 4 wheels on the bottom couch

Add one 20ft length of rope wrapped around said couches

Take said rope and attach it to back of truck and teach that drunk fuck not to ever pass out with his shoes on again.

PS. Black Marker works well to add insult to injury

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Try putting pranks,not just stunts. Im not sure what they are asking for, but they did say Prank contest. I just did both! Check out my things! Good luck!

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