News: duck hunting

duck hunting

duck hunting

items needed for stunt:

  •  4 mini motorbikes
  • 4 paint ball guns
  • loads of feathers
  • glue
  • and rotten eggs


  • eggs for the ducks
  • have balance and co-ordination

 duck hunting

  •  cover wee man and preston in the eathers using the glue
  • have Johnny Knoxville,ryan dunn,Bam Margera and chris pontiuss on the mini motorbike
  • have the ducks (wee man and preston) run round a supermarket with the rotten eggs and let knoxville,dunn,margera and pontius ride round the super market hunting down the ducks and shooting them
  • whilst having the ducks defend them self with the rotten eggs and anything they can find within the shop


  • this may course serious injury to everyone involved in the stunt

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