News: Eating Out . . . at a fancy restaraunt

Eating Out . . . at a fancy restaraunt

Eating Out . . . at a fancy restaraunt

Ok so you get dressed up like your going to a fine ball or something. Then you go to a fine dining restaurant. have your friend go in first, with a girl to appear as they are on a date. Hes your camera man, make sure he keeps his camera hidden but in a good position to film you and the tables around you. Now right before you enter the restaurant you take a good dose of epicac (vomit inducer) and go in with your date. order a really nice appetizer, then all of a sudden the shit takes effect and your power puking every where. Be sure to have your camera man capture the people sitting at the other tables as well, the reactions will be epic. technically the restaurant management cant do anything because your just being sick, so theres really no laws being broken, just a good way to clear out a restaurant.

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