News: Ehrens Wild Water Ride

Ehrens Wild Water Ride

My idea for a prank would be to screw with Ehren tricking him into a wild water ride.  Remember that episode of nitro circus when one of the dudesens and one of the nitro crew were playing a crazy game of tug of war by bungee cording each other and riding quads which ended up with them both getting knocked off the bikes, well why not the same do but tweak it.  What I was thinking is we are all on a nice beach and we decide to play that same tug of war game in the sand but blinded, and before we start we unhook the person he's going to tug with and hook him up with a really fast boat that's far out in the water so he won't notice that easy, them when we count to three all we will see is his screaming ass getting dragged on the water like some dude being dragged on the road but he'll be on water so he'll be fine and I would love to see his ass do some crazy drag skiing.  I hope this wins if not it was at least a good try, thanks for giving us this chance and I can't wait to see the movie.

Ryan Allen

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