News: Electric Dog Collar Olympics

Electric Dog Collar Olympics

Electric Dog Collar Olympics

Five events: 100m dash, long jump, shotput, hurdles and high jump. Each participant has to wear electric dog collars around their various bodily parts, ranging from neck to wrists, ankles and potentially genitalia (for a special elimination round in case of ties or boredom).

100m dash: Course is cordened off by dog collar fence. Participants begin getting shocked at start of race. Racers can run off of the side of the track to stop being shocked, but doing so will result in elimination. Shocks will also stop once finish line has been crossed.

Long jump and High jump: Jumpers will have their collars triggered just before the actual jump takes place.

Shotput: Shooters will have their collars activated at random times before their throw.

Hurdles: Same as 100m dash, but racers who knock down hurdles receive additional shocks from judges/observers.

Winner will be determined by winning the most events, with the prize being given the remote to the worst-performing athlete's collar(s) to deliver random shocks throughout the rest of the day (and night) for their own personal amusement.

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