News: Electrode ball buzzers

Electrode ball buzzers

Electrode ball buzzers

Hi Guys!

I am Sara...I got run over by a truck (drunk driver, not on purpose) and one of my physical therapy tools is a TENS Unit- it sends electric shocks, level and type to be decided by user, to body parts via electrodes. When I first got it, I was using it and accidentally turned it WAY UP instead of off! I sends a crazy intense shock. My first thought, after I stopped laughing my electrified ass off, was of you Jackass guys :) SO...

My prank idea involves using the TENS on your tender little buddies. You could have fun applying the electrodes to a sleepy or wasted Jackass-creating one hell of a wake up! Or you could see which one of you could take the greatest ball shock.

I am so happy I had the opportunity to pass this little gem along to you! If I win, you can even use my unit :)

Have Fun & Take Care,

Sara Lee Davis

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they used a unit like this in the show- on their balls

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