News: Fake airplane CRASH!!!

Fake airplane CRASH!!!

Fake airplane CRASH!!!

You guys should play a prank on the the whole cast and load them on a fake airplane,but the plane has to look legit! as they take off everything seems to be going to plan but then all of a sudden a little bit of turnblence occurs then red hazzard light and alram start going off the plane begings to tilt downward! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the pilot says over the intercom were GOING DOWN WERE GOING DOWN!!! THE PLANE IS SHAKING OUT OF CONTROL AHHHH AHAHAHAH what i would give to see the look on there faces!

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How do you make fake plane that holds people and flies?

Switch the planes last minute. They go down a cooridor into a fake plane frame with a simulator or something inside. Or just wait untill they're asleep and have the pilots fake a dive.

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