News: fake bed prank!!

fake bed prank!!

fake bed prank!!

fake bed prank .

the fake bed prank is prety much a funny idea of a box filled with pie or puddingng maybe even poop if you desire.and covered with a cmferter or any bed covering and pillows possabley

the prank is having a sucker jump or lie down on the bed look-a-like and sloosh into the joke for big dreamers.!!

mike d.

Step 1 make a bed frame sized box with out the top

make the bed frame wood or cardboard budget implied

Step 2 fill

fill  the box,

jello pudding whipped cream babby oil if water proofed box/ 

Step 3 cover it up

make or use cover from bedspread or sheets any thing to give the filling a beed look ,garnish with pillow lightly..

Step 4 invites or set the bait.

example scenareo

have a victom exited to jump on bed or race to claim hotel bed(s).

Step 5 laugh your a$$ off

yeah laughing time..!!

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dreams of hollywood about a bed full of poop!!?

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