News: Fake death on my family

Fake death on my family

Fake death on my family

Ok, I dont care what prank we pull on my family. If they think I'm dead for a day or two, I think that would be great! My original idea for this I think was going too far or actually would have taken too much time and probably would have cost too much money. Hopefully this wouldnt cost too much, 'cause I think this would be funny as fuck! ha. Ok, well my family will know you're gonna be flying me out to L.A.. What if we make a plane crash and call my family and tell them that thats the plane I was on, but they havent been able to identify and bodies yet? My mom will go crazy, it will be great ha. A day or two later I can call my house and tell them I've been too busy to call them and shit and I can tell them I missed my flight and I caught a different one. My mom will freak out so much, she might even quit her job ha.

The original idea was to keep going with that I'm dead and set them up to identify my body and I'll either jump up or be there waiting for them. Or even to go far as setting up a funeral and popping out of the casket during it ha.

Read my other pranks. They're classics for sure! ha

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Who would fake their death and make their family think they're dead for a couple of days?

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