News: The Fight

The Fight

The Fight

Here's our prank. Start off by getting a shit car, you know what im talking of those shit cars you get from a junk yard. have one of you take it and park it outside of a public place where a ton of people are everyday.(cafe, coffee shop, etc.) Then have Bam act super pissed off, run up to the car and just start wailing on it with some sort of bar or bat or something. smash the windshield, break all the windows, just break everything. then the one who parked the car, whoever it happens to be, run out of the cafe and act like, you know "heyy what the fuck are you doing?!" and have a whole screaming back and fourth about how he owes bam money or how he took his girlfriend or something, beat him up on the ice, whatever. and then start a fight, make it huge. hit wither with whatever the hell you can find.(don't actually hurt each other, unless you want to) see how people react to that. it would be really funny actually....and i really wanna meet you guys. your fucking awesome.

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