News: Frisky Father

Frisky Father

Frisky Father

Throw Knoxville in a makeup chair and age him to make him look older, put him in a Catholic priest outfit and send him out on the streets. Have hidden cameras follow him as he goes into porn shops, porn theaters, strip clubs, buys tickets to kids movies, goes to gay bars, reads a Playgirl in public places (bus stops, parks, book stores, coffee shops, etc.) walks around mens rooms and locker rooms, goes to playgrounds, takes pictures and video tapes men at Muscle Beach, etc, etc.

Possibly have a couple kids dressed as choir boys to tag along with him, just for extra creepyness . . . kinda like when the kid was with the Old Man in Number Two.

It's all about the reaction from people, just like his Old Man stunts. There is just too much going on with Priests and sex these days, it has to be done.


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