News: Frozen Screen of Death

Frozen Screen of Death

Frozen Screen of Death

Step 1 Stuff you need

You're gonna need some Dry Ice, a geek/nerd friend or anyone in general who's a complete and utter idiot when it comes to computers, a laptop (prefferably a brand new one), several accomplices and a high-resolution screen shot of this:

Frozen Screen of Death

(It can be any of the different variants of the Blue Screen of Death, it just needs to be big enough so it looks real)

Step 2 Get the "mark" out of the room

This is where your accomplices come in, you/or your accomplices should have bought dry ice early on, and get your mark out of the room/house by making up some excuse, that you/or an accomplice needs to go buy something at the store, and ask if they would accompany them.

Step 3 The Switch

With your idiot buddy out of the room, find a BSoD picture and save it to "My Pictures." 


  • Make sure that when you do save the picture to move any and all pictures he may have to another folder on the computer or else it will not work.
  • Leave the ONE Blue Screen of Death picture in the "My Pictures" folder
  • You may want to decrease the amount time the computer needs to idle for, in order for the new screen saver to appear. 2 minutes should be enough time for it to show up.

Now, you switch the screensaver from whatever they have to, "My Picture Slideshow", and in the settings button change the file location to where you saved the picture.

Step 4 Prank goes live

When the switch is complete, let the computer idle for 2 minutes as stated above. And close the laptop SLIGHTLY, and place some dry ice carefully ontop of it. The dry ice will freeze the LCD and eventually thaw out.


  • Remember to wear protective gloves when dealing with dry ice. 

When you believe it's frozen, take the dry ice off, and move the cursor. If the nothing else appears and the BSoD is still on the screen you have successfully and literally frozen the screen.

Step 5 Return evertything in it's place

When that's all said and done, try to put it all back how it was and when your buddy returns, watch him freak out.

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there is a easyer way to do this, get the BSoD make it the backround, hide all desktop icons, switch the crusor ( mouse ) to the blue dot, easyer and less expencive

BORING and way too nerdy. jackass is about physical action and disaster, not computer screens. how will this excite people in 3D??

Jackass doesn't do things most people learn in 1st grade. That includes ones that aren't funny too!

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