News: "Go Lay An Egg"

"Go Lay An Egg"

"Go Lay An Egg"

Here we revisit Ryan Dunn's famous "car up the butt" skit.  This time, see if it is possible to stick an egg-shaped object up inside yourself.  Don't use a real egg, because it will break.  Try to find something solid that will show up in an x-ray.  While laying on the x-ray table, mention things like, "it really hurt when I crossed the road to the other side, today," or "I was making scrambled eggs this morning and I thought I had five, but it turns out I only had four.  I swore there were five in there…"  After you and the doctor discuss the x-ray, make like you are trying to push something out, maybe say you have to go to the bathroom.  Have a real egg in your pocket, and pull it out, holding it visibly in your hand.  Shaking your head, say "thanks for everything.  I'm fine now," and walk out whistling.

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