News: Golf Cart Derby

Golf Cart Derby

Golf Cart Derby

There would be 9 teams of 2. Everyone on Jackass will have a golf cart and they will be the driver of there team. Then they would pick one of the producers or other celebrities to be the passenger. The passenger will do things to mess up there opponents. They can shoot paintball guns or throw baseballs to mess up the other drivers. The Golf Cart Derby will be the exact same thing as a Car Derby but you guys will be using golf carts and having a passenger messing up other drivers ahahaa. It would be even funnier if this derby was located at a public golf course during the day when actual random people are playing golf ahahha. Please pick me to win. If i don't win and someone else does, I hope you guys still do this ahah

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Try putting pranks,not just stunts. Im not sure what they are asking for, but they did say Prank contest. I just did both! Check out my things! Good luck!

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