News: Golf Course Funeral

Golf Course Funeral

Golf Course Funeral

This is a prank on the public by the Jackass guys, not a prank on the Jackass guys. This would take a bit of planning and pre-production but could be pretty funny. Start skit a par 5 golf hole, preferably one with a dogleg so you can't see the green from the tee box where an unsuspecting 4-some comes up to tee off. Right in the middle of one of their swings, a hearse cruises by them on the cart path and goes down the fairway. The players will obviously be take aback and wonder what the hell is going on. When they get in their carts and go up the fairway they will see that a funeral is taking place on the green . . . complete with priest, casket, guests, a hole in the green for the coffin, etc. That is the basis setup, maybe something happens like one of the Jackass guys goes down to greet the 4-some and asks if they want to play through. They will say no but our guy will insist . . . then the funeral guests clear the green but leave the casket and the hole in the ground and put the flag on the coffin. There are a million scenarios of what can happen next, maybe someone gets out of the casket when they get to the green or maybe someone gets upset at the 4-some for hitting into the funeral and chaos ensues. That the jest of it. 

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