News: Greatest Prank

Greatest Prank

Greatest Prank

Ok wait till one of you guy's are asleep an put a narly tattoo on him, than take a bunch of animals like they would have at a zoo an put him with the animals. Before he wakes up make sure he is laying in a pile of shit or next to it. Than when he wakes up of course he will be pissed but it'll be funny as fuck make him put on an animal suit an play with the animals while food is hanging from all over him especialy his balls. Have him sit down an have an animal walk over an eat the food off of his balls, this is the awsomest prank an i would love to see it happen an meet you guy's all of ya'll are heros to me an it's my bday today on sept 11 so it'll be the coolest present ever. I'm the one bending over holding my chin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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