News: Hamster Race

Hamster Race

The Equipment

Hamster Race

The Jackass Crew climb inside a bunch of different human-size hamster balls, just like the Aussies use in zorbing. 

The Race

Then they find a hill or a giant ramp and race down the streets of someplace cool (Hollywood Blvd?). Or you can use water hamster balls and have the race on a public river like the Hudson.

The Challenge

Bulls or guys on jetskis chase them!

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This would look great in 3D! I vote this one.

preston poops inside each ball and wee man is blind fold snorkelling underneath with a hand held harpoon.

they have already done something similar to that^ maybe lube up the inside of the balls with something nasty.. It is a good thought but could use some thought and "immaturity" to it lol

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