News: He was one of the good ones..

He was one of the good ones..

He was one of the good ones..

So i thought the greatest prank on the jackass crew would not by physical but emotional...then physical. Sounds pansy-ish i know but read on. Just wee-man and two filmers go to a bungee-jumping spot. They film wee man waving, then falling, then screaming. Next they add another video of a dummy that looks like weeman hitting the ground. They show the video to the crew and tell them wee man has died. even have actor doctors and morgue people to confirm. The crew would be so devasted they'd have to call off the filming. At wee man's "funeral" they all stand around his grave saying goodbyes when suddenly wee man climbs out of the grave and scare the living s*** out of them.

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