News: Hide & Seek Airbag Explosion

Hide & Seek Airbag Explosion

This prank is inspired by my "airbag couch prank".

Step 1

Place at least 2 airbags in the ground and tell someone that we are playing hide and seek and have them stand over the airbags.

Step 2

Have them "count down" while you go hide. The time till the airbag goes off!!

Step 3

While they think they are just counting, you are setting up the shot! We can do it wirelessly so they want see a thing! Two airbags will blow them a good few feet in the air.

Step 4

The remote we use is also a remote control car remote, so we could also set it up as them sitting on a couch with a rc car infront of them and just let them play with the remote and when they hit the button they blow themselves up off the couch. We know how to hide them in couches very well.

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