News: Hit N' Run

Hit N' Run

Hit N' Run

Hey guys, here is two small pranks you can do. Act dead in public. With blood and everything... go all out. Or go to a pubic pool and dive in with blood in your mouth and act like you hit the bottom of the pool. But here is the big one i thught of...have a cast member drive a ca into another car and have him fall out of the car get up and start running and yelling stuff... like i didnt do that... But what doesnt know is that the rest of the crew contacted the local cops and fire department haha... but the cops and firemen are fake, they are actors. The cops would be beating at the cast member you choose and handcuff him. Drag him to the police car and put him in it. Then drive to the rest o the cast members waiting. It would be a prank with a prank. haha. It would be great!!

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