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Human Cage

Human Cage

So check this out. Have Johnny Knoxville dressed up in his old man costume with a cage covered by a sheat. The joke is that Wee-Man will be in the cage but nobody will know it. When Johnny Knoxville walks into a store with a bunch of tourists, Wee-man has to start hitting the cage and then the sheet gets knocked off and wee-man finds a way to get out of the cage. As soon as he gets outhave him run all around the store. He should wear a thong to make it funnier. It would be good to go into a furniture storeso that he could jump on couches and what not. Then Johnny Knoxville should capture Wee-Man and put him back in the cage and walk out of the store like nothing happened. Swearing under his breath at the caged "animal". The prices on everyones faces would be priceless.   

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