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This will not be cheap.

The mark attends a show by Criss Angel, or David Blaine, Derren Brown, the Amazing Kreskin, whoever.  He's brought onstage to be hypnotized.  Seconds later, the audience and all the mark's buddies are laughing their heads off and applauding wildly, the house is coming down.  

The mark has no idea why, until he's shown video of all that's 'happened' over the last fifteen minutes:  wild and increasingly embarrassing things the mark (actually a body double and some clever CGI) has done right there onstage while in the 'trance' he can't even begin to remember.   The broadcast version cuts when it starts veering toward humiliating porn.

The illusionist can probably perform some sleight of hand alteration to the mark's clothing/hair/etc. to further prove that what he's seeing on tape actually happened.

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