News: The Infant Drop

The Infant Drop

The Infant Drop

For this crazy insane prank it will involve 3 people and it will have to take place in a mall with two floors for shopping. You will need a fake baby, with a loud voicebox installed so everyone can hear it cry, you will need to drill a hole into the fake baby's head and fill it up with fake blood, and you will need to make sure that when the baby is dropped the blood will explode from the head on instant impact. The prank starts out with a careless woman walking to close to the guardrail with a cellphone in one hand while loosely holding her fake crying baby in the other arm. There will be a person running out of a store as fast as they possibly can, (the person can either commit thievery in the store, or be running away from another person.) When the individual is running away from the store you have him running so fast that he will accidently knock into the careless woman on the cellphone, and have her baby fly from her left arm over the guardrail. The runner will continue to run until he can find an exit out of the mall. Once the baby hits the floor the fake blood, will need to spray from the head on instant impact. Once this is done you will have the screaming woman run down the the 1st floor and throw a huge scene, (if one hasn't already been created) and have the father come out from a random store out to see what has happened and run down to the first floor to join his wife in horror. Once the security guards are alerted and the customers in the mall are fear stricken, and everything is in complete pandemonium you have the wife pick up the baby and hold it only to bolt out of the store crying in a hysterical mess to get it to a hospital with the husband running and following along after her. 

- The Crazed Anarchist ;)

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